Legal Name:                               Emetald Total Services S.A.

Juridical ID:                                3-101-641493

Comercial (Fantasy) Name:          ETS COSTA RICA

Slogan:                                     Managing Solutions

Description:    Independent company dedicated to Vacation Rentals & Property Management.

A wide range of other personalized services are also offered.

ETS COSTA RICA was born on July 1st 2011. The company is professionally speciallized in Vacation Rentals and Property Management. Besides this, our net of contractors and friends offer several professional and personalized services such as tours, transportation, car rentals, general maintenance, cleaning, gardening, consulting and much more to meet the needs of our different customers.

Provide personalized solutions in order to offer timely service and quality, having outstanding profitability, presence and influence in the success of each task and project.

Being a company of renowned national and international prestige, with excellence in services, consulting, and professional advise with quality and profitability to our customers, strategic alliances nationally and internationally, commitment to customer service being proud to be an example to society for our quality of service.

Provide quality services, with the purpose and ability to solve real-life situations of our customers serving and meeting their needs of services and professional advice.


1. RESPECT. The person above all else. The supreme value governs the relationship between the organization and its stakeholders: customers, owners, employees, suppliers and community.

2. LOYALTY. We are committed to the Company and its customers at any time, with their objectives and goals in a decisive and steady manner, always acting with honesty and fairness.

It is the commitment to fulfill our obligations, always giving the best of each, making timely and fair decisions as to cause minimum negative impact on those affected.

4. TEAMWORK. Join forces to achieve our objectives in an environment of trust, respect and constant communication, sharing knowledge, experience and information.

5. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. Continuously learn and improve, recognizing our strengths and weaknesses.